3Commas has implemented a new feature - GRID bot presets!
Now there is no need to waste your time and opportunities on choosing the pair and right settings for the GRID bot - you can just review the presets with the best performance, choose the one with the most preferable statistics, and just copy it!

There are plenty of filters you can apply and let's dig deeper into them!

Go to the Presets page

Click on the Presets button under the GRID Bot section (don't be confused with DCA bots presets) or head straight to this page:

Set the filters (if any needed)

By default, the filters are set to "ALL" or the highest range possible. You can set one or several filters, or non of them - you don't have to set the filters.

So here is what you can set:

  1. You can choose the exchange that you have connected to 3Commas and that supports GRID bot trading.

  2. You can choose the market.

  3. You can choose the specific trading pair.

  4. You can choose the Profit currency - Base or Quote, or leave it as All. For example, in BNB/USDT trading pair BNB will be Base, USDT will be Quote.

  5. You can choose the Bot type - Spot or Futures trading, or leave it as all.

  6. You can choose the Strategy type - AI (Artificial Intelligent settings) or Manual (when users manually change the GRID bot's settings).

  7. You can choose the time period when the bot was running. By default, the range is 1 - 300.

  8. You can choose the range of the amount of funds the bot uses. By default, the range is 10 - 99999*
    * It is important to pay attention to this filter as sometimes it is more important than the profit bot made. The best is when the bot runs for a long time and has significant profits. So you might want to keep the balance between profit and running time.

Now, what does the preset card look like?

It consists of:

  • Automatically generated name of the bot;

  • Strategy type;

  • Profit last month (displays total profit during last 30 days, even if the bot runs less than 30 days);

  • Approximate profit chart;

  • Trading pair;

  • Used funds;

  • Exchange;

  • "Days running" will be added soon.

If the statistics meet your requirements, click on the Copy Bot button

This will take you to the GRID bot creation page where you will be able to adjust the settings if you want to:

REMEMBER! If the preset uses AI as a strategy type, it will be automatically switched to the manual type after you click on the "Copy Bot" button.

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