Go to 3Commas

To create the 3Commas wallet please follow the steps below.

Install the 3Commas Wallet app from the Google Play store

Click on Create new Wallet button

Copy and store your secret phrase somewhere very safe

The Secret phrase consists of 12 words, that are very important to you.

This phrase is the ONLY way to restore your wallet in case your device breaks or is stolen. Anybody who possesses this phrase can have access to your assets on your wallet!

That's why it's very important to keep it somewhere very safe and secure!

Enter the words from secret phrase in the correct order

Set up the passcode as an additional security level or skip this step

Congratulations! You have just created a 3Commas wallet!

Click Let's start and you are ready to use all the available options of the 3Commas wallet!

To Restore the 3Commas wallet please follow the steps below.

Open the wallet and click on the I have a wallet button

Enter the secret phrase and click Import

There you go! Now your wallet is imported into the 3Commas wallet!

Now you can click on Let's start button to begin using your 3Commas wallet:

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