how to create API keys

Connect to 3Commas.

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1. Go to

Log in or create a new account at

2. Open the Security page

Click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the page and open the Security page:

3. Open the API Keys tab

3.1. If it's not active yet, enable 2FA security to be able to create API keys

4. Click "Create a new API key"

5. Name your key

When you have multiple APIs, a proper name helps to manage it.

Then enter 2FA code and click on Create API button:

6. Read and approve the Reminder

It is very important to store the Secret key somewhere safe so your funds will be protected!

7. Configure the settings and copy the API keys

  1. Copy and store the API keys in a safe place;

  2. Enable Trading permission;

  3. To find updated IP addresses, go to the connecting exchange page and copy-paste them from there, one by one:

    Enter these IP addresses one by one, clicking on "➕" button.

  4. Click on Save button;

  5. Delete button, if you don't need these API keys or want to create another:

8. Connect exchange to 3Commas

Now you have all the needed information to connect your exchange with 3Commas.

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