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How many orders will the bot keep open on the exchange?

Imagine an amount of “Active orders” set to 4 and an amount of “Grid Quantity” set to 100.

When the bot starts, it will automatically place 2 BUY and 2 SELL orders and keep 96 more for later placement.

If the price drops and the first BUY order fills, the bot will put another BUY order and remove the highest active SELL order. That way, it will still have 96 more spare and 4 active orders placed.

When the price goes up and the SELL orders fill, the bot will open new SELL orders and remove the lowest BUY ones until it reaches the upper or lower limit.

If you set "Grid quantity" and "Active orders" with the same number, the bot will place ALL orders when started.

Please, make sure to have sufficient funds on your balance that will be enough for ALL orders (BUY and SELL) to be placed, as if you've had 100 active grids out of 100 total grid count! The bot will lock the funds only for Active orders, thus the funds for other orders will be available to use in trades. Please be careful with that!

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