What are the 3Commas Black Friday 2021 offers?

All annual subscriptions are eligible for a 60% discount, and our 2-year subscriptions are eligible for a 70% discount!

In addition, all users who purchase an annual or 2-year PRO subscription during the Black Friday sale will also receive a complimentary trading education course from The Better Traders.

How do I select the best plan for me?

We have a variety of plans fitting the needs of beginner traders and pro traders alike. See our Available Subscriptions.

Are there any Black Friday discounts for monthly subscriptions?

Only our annual plans are eligible for our Black Friday discounts as reflected on our Subscriptions page.

How can I receive the Black Friday discount on my subscription?

The discount will be applied to your cart automatically during the checkout process throughout the duration of the sale.

How can I benefit from the Black Friday sale as an existing subscriber?

If you are an existing free or monthly subscriber with 3Commas:

  • You are eligible for all Black Friday offers and your plan will be automatically upgraded in the purchase flow.

If you are an existing annual Starter, Advanced or PRO subscriber:

  • Subscription Upgrade - You can take advantage of the Black Friday discounts and upgrade your existing subscription to another higher value subscription for one year with a 60% discount.

  • You can upgrade your current annual subscription to a 2-year plan, and your existing subscription will be prorated with the applicable Black Friday discount.

    • For example, if you have three months remaining on your existing subscription, and you are upgrading to a 2-year PRO subscription, you would pay:

      • (2-year PRO Subscription cost * 70% BF Discount) - ($99/month * 50% * 3 Months) = A great deal!

What is the trading education course from The Better Traders and how do I receive access?

Anyone who purchases an annual PRO subscription during Black Friday will receive access to an exclusive trading education course from The Better Traders (in English), designed to help level up your trading skills and maximize the value from your 3Commas subscription.

After purchasing your subscription, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your education course. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours of purchase, please contact The Better Traders Support team.

In order to participate in Black Friday Promotion, I agree that my email address will be transferred to promotion partner Better Traders Inc. Your email will be used by the promotion partner Better Traders Inc in order to provide login and pass to educational materials only for 3Commas Black Friday Promotion.

When will the Black Friday deal expire? Will there be additional sales for Cyber Monday or Christmas?

Our Black Friday sale will take place from Friday, November 26th to Monday, December 6th. Follow us on social media to stay informed about other flash promotions and sales:




Are there any discounts for Marketplace signals?

Yes! If you head to the Marketplace page in the 3Commas Web Interface, you can see which of our awesome Marketplace providers are running a Black Friday discount. We’ve made this super simple and added a “Black Friday” filter so you can view all signal providers in a single button-click!

Can I change my payment method?

If you paid for your last subscription with a credit card but want to switch to cryptocurrency, follow the steps below:

First, disable your recurring payment so your subscription doesn't “auto-renew” when it next expires.

You can do this by going to the Subscriptions page and clicking the "X" button to the right of the active subscription towards the bottom-right of the page in the table marked as "Subscription History":

If there is no "X" button displayed, then this means that the recurring payment is not enabled.

Please note: this will not cancel any time left on your current/active subscription, just the recurring payment element!

Now you can pay for your next subscription with PayPal, Credit/Debit card or even cryptocurrency. Learn more about the Cryptocurrency payment process.

What if I paid for a subscription with cryptocurrency, and now I want to pay with a card?

No problem! Subscriptions paid with cryptocurrency do not automatically renew. Simply choose your subscription and your method of payment, and you’re set!

Can I change my billing address and invoice?

Unfortunately, we cannot change invoices or billing information for already purchased subscriptions. If you would like to change your information for future invoices, please cancel your recurring subscription and update it here before re-subscribing.

Can I downgrade to a lower plan?

You can downgrade your subscription once your active subscription ends.

Your data, active trades, and everything will remain accessible regardless whether you have an active subscription or not. If you subscription expires, then you won't be able to create new deals, Grid Bots or Smart Trades.

Can I request an invoice?

Please visit the Subscriptions Page in your 3Commas account. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and you will find your invoices available for download.

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