If you’d like to trade on FTX with the free use of 3Commas tools, please follow the steps below!

  • Сreate an account on the FTX or FTX US exchange.

    If you already have an account you don't need to create a new one;

  • If you need help generating API keys check out our instructions here;

  • Сonnect your FTX account to 3Commas on the “My Exchanges” page;


From now all supported 3Commas tools for trading on FTX are available to you, absolutely free!

PLEASE REMEBER! This promotion does not provide you with a Pro plan for free!

Instead, it provides you with all tools that are available only on the Pro plan. While trading on FTX you can use:

  • unlimited SmartTrade;

  • unlimited SmartTrade on Futures;

  • unlimited DCA Bots;

  • unlimited GRID bots;

and FTX.US exchanges.

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