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How to set up and run a DCA bot on Binance Futures?
How to set up and run a DCA bot on Binance Futures?
Updated over a week ago

On 3Commas there is an ability to create Multi-pair DCA bots on Binance Futures! This is a very important modification that will help users to trade more efficiently and minimize the risk of liquidation.

So how do you create a DCA bot on Binance Futures?

1. Go to this page

2. Choose to create an advanced multi-pair bot and select Binance Futures exchange:

3. Then, select trading pairs for your bot:

4. Set up a strategy and choose your margin parameters:

Here you can choose Cross or Isolated leverage type and choose the leverage value.

Then you need to set other needed settings for the bot such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, Safety orders, and deal start conditions. They are just like for the advanced DCA bot on the Spot market and are described in the article:

Previously to run three trades with different trading pairs like this it was necessary to create three separate bots with isolated margin. Now, you can create one multi-pair bot! Cool, right?

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