3Commas has recently added the ability to create Composite DCA bots on Binance Futures! This is a very important modification that will help users to more efficiently trade and avoid liquidation.

Here is a guide about creating API keys on Binance Futures and connecting to 3Commas

So how do you create a DCA bot on Binance Futures?

Go to this page https://3commas.io/bots/new and choose to create an advanced composite bot and select Binance Futures exchange.

Then, select trading pairs for your bot.

Next, setup a strategy and choose your margin parameters.

Previously to run three bots like this it would be necessary to create three separate bots with isolated margin; now, you can create one composite bot!

Additional settings such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, safety orders, and deal start conditions are described in the article “Creating a new DCA bot

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