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Terminal: Introduction to the trading Terminal
Terminal: Introduction to the trading Terminal

What is the Terminal? How does it work? What can I do with it? Read on to find out!

Updated over a week ago

After receiving much feedback from our amazing community of traders, 3Commas went back to the drawing board and developed a new trading Terminal.

The Terminal has been designed to put more control in the hands of the trader and allows for more precision and flexibility for managing your trades.

Overview of the Terminal

You can access the Terminal from 3Commas site navigation menu:

1. Exchange account, Market and Coin pair selection control. You choose the linked account with the funds you wish to trade and then select the market currency to buy or sell assets with and finally the asset you wish to trade.

2. Terminal display control. Here you can select how the Terminal is displayed, you can hide or show parts of the Terminal you are interested in using. You can customise the Terminal exactly to your preference, including being able to drag and drop the individual Terminal widgets to arrange them to suit your workflow.

3. The venerable TradingView chart widget. Displays the price action for your chosen asset. You can add your favourite trading Indicators and save the layout for the assets you trade frequently.

4. Order control panel. Here you can create orders to open, close and add to trades you have created. You select the price to execute an order and also the amount of funds you wish to use.

5. Order Book widget. This displays a visual guide to the limit orders placed on the exchange for your chosen asset; the order book can be a useful guide to see at which price levels strong buying and selling interest is from other traders.

6. Trade Status widget. View your account balance, with an itemised list of the assets you hold and quantity. If you have created orders on other assets, you'll see this under the Open Orders tab, and finally you can review your previous trade history here as well.

Trading on Futures exchange accounts

If you have a Futures exchange account linked and select it from the top of the Terminal page, you'll have additional options and widgets displayed:

7. "Reduce Only" order type support. This allows you to close open positions with an order ensuring that the order cannot open a new position in the opposite trade direction.

8. Leverage control panel. You can use Cross leverage or specify an Isolated leverage setting.

Note: Binance Futures default to Cross margin mode and this can only be changed on the exchange for the contract being traded.

9. Scalping widget. This is an exciting new feature for Scalpers! Using this control allows you to create trades with minimal input to Long and Short fast-moving price action - keyboard shortcuts are also support to save even more time compared to using a mouse or trackpad on a laptop!

Customise your Terminal!

Now you can drag and drop the widgets and controls and arrange them to suit your workflow!

Look for the "handle" towards the upper right of the control or widget and move it to where you'd like it on the page...

We hope you enjoy using the Terminal!

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