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Grid Bots have proven extremely popular with many users since their introduction to the 3Commas "Bot Family", and we received many requests from users asking for the ability to edit a Grid Bot once it had been created.

Users are able to change the following settings on a Grid Bot that is already running:

  • Change Upper and/or Lower Grid Levels

  • Increase or Decrease the total of Grid Levels

  • Change the amount of funds the Grid Bot is using per Grid Level

Great! So how do I edit my Grid Bot?

  1. Head over to the Grid Bot page

  2. Scroll to the Grid Bot you'd like to change and click the "Edit" button

  3. Adjust the Number of Grids, Funds per Grid, Upper or Lower Grid Levels as required

  4. Click "Save" and review if any additional coins are required to run these new settings

Editing a Grid Bot (example)

In the clip above, you can see the original Grid Bot range chosen for the MATIC/BTC pair was poor; MATIC has been ranging for many days now and the current grid selected was too narrow.

Switching to a Daily time frame on the chart, we can see that we can adjust our Bot to base the lower Grid Level from fairly strong support at 168 Satoshis and aim for just under established resistance at 248 Satoshis, this spans a range of 80 Satoshis from lower to upper Grid Levels.

We increase the amount of Grid Levels to 41, this will ensure that we will capture a lot of intraday price movement at a reasonable profit percentage per grid.

As we have increased the amount of Grid Levels, we will need to buy more MATIC for the orange "Sell" Grid Levels above current chart price; we accept this to allow the Grid Bot to buy the extra coins, reset the Grid and continue trading with our new range!

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