How to create a Smart Buy?

1. Go to Smart Trade, select an exchange account, and a trading pair.

2. Switch to Smart Buy tab.

3. Enter the order size in the field “Units”.

4. Enter the price of the coins they were sold at in the “Selling price” field. This value is used as a starting point for Take Profit, Stop Loss, Profit / Loss.

5. Enable Take Profit. In the next column click “Set Take Profit”

6. Using a price field, percentage field or a slider, enter a goal price. In this example Take Profit is set to -2%, so we use the percentage field.

7. Enable Stop Loss. In the third column choose “Set Stop Loss”. In this example Stop Loss is set at 2%.

8. Here are all the settings for our strategy.

9. Click "Create a Trade" and in the window that opens carefully check all the settings again, if everything is correct, click "Confirm".

Now you know how to buy back previously sold coins.

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