The 3Commas team has prepared a training course "Teaching trading with algorithmic bots on" to help users to understand the topic of cryptocurrency in detail and how to set up bots on 3Commas for successful results.

The course is designed for both beginners and experienced traders; from step-by-step registration on the exchange and explaining terms used on the 3Commas platform through to setting up bots.
The course is in the format of a self-guided online study and consists of video tutorials and articles on technical analysis.

In the introductory module you'll learn:

🔹What types of earnings on cryptocurrencies exist and bring the greatest profit;

🔹Whether it is possible to earn on trading without special education and experience;

🔹What is bot trading and what are the advantages and risks?

The course takes place in the format of independent online learning and consists of 14 modules:

🔹Step-by-step registration using the Binance exchange;
🔹Registration on 3Commas;

🔹Promo Codes and the 3Commas Referral Program;
🔹Connecting 3Commas to exchanges via API;
🔹Tools available in your 3Commas account;
🔹Creating a Long Bot;
🔹What coins can I trade? Indicators and strategies;
🔹Setting up a "simple" Bot - detailed analysis of trades;
🔹Using the Short Bot - how it works and strategies;
🔹Composite bots (simultaneous execution of multiple trades on multiple coins);
🔹Marketplace. How to trade using signals?
🔹Gordon and Grid bot;
🔹What other strategies are there for trading?

🔹Investment Tools;
🔹Using the Smart Trade Trading terminal.

How to get it:

  • Purchase a monthly or yearly PRO subscription from the 3Commas subscription page.
  • After paying for the subscription, we will send a link with the course to the mailbox you specified when registering your account. By following the link you will get access to the 3Commas Education Center!
  • If you already have a subscription, you can upgrade your plan to PRO and also get access to our course. If you already have a PRO subscription, please contact support if you would like access to the training!
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