Connecting Binance Futures API to 3Commas

Log-in to your 3Commas account and choose “My Exchanges” (1) from the menu.

Choose “Binance Futures” from the ‘Exchange:’ drop-down list (2).

Enter the name you want to call this connection in the ‘Name:’ text box (3):

Do not close the 3Commas window and now open a new browser tab/window (4):


Now log-in to Binance and Click the Main Menu icon:

Choose: ‘API Management’:

Name the new ‘API key’ (1) and click ‘Create’ (2):

You will be prompted to authenticate with 2FA, please follow the steps on your screen:

You will also get a ‘Key Created’ message and now have to check your email to authorise the key creation by clicking the ‘Confirm new API key’ button:

A new Binance web page will now open and display the new API key - you can see the name you gave it earlier (1) and we now need to click “Edit restrictions” (2):

Check the boxes to ‘Enable Trading’ and ‘Enable Future’ (1).

Now ‘Copy’ the API key (2) and switch to your 3Commas web browser tab (4) and ‘Paste’ it into the ‘API key’ box (5) - switch back to your Binance web browser tab (4) and repeat this for the ‘Secret’, copy and paste it into the 3Commas browser tab ‘Secret’ box (6) - do not click “Connect an Exchange” (7) yet!

Switch back to your Binance web browser tab (4) and click ‘Save’ (3) - Please note: You will not see the Secret again! If you have any problems with the API key, you will need to delete it and create a new API key.

You will now have to confirm the “Save” by entering your 2FA again.

You can now close the Binance web browser page (4) and go back to your 3Commas screen and click the ‘Connect an Exchange’ button (7).

Verifying your Exchange Connection

Your 3Commas page should now refresh and you’ll see the ‘Binance Futures’ exchange connection you just created with the name you chose earlier:

The buttons above can help you with the following functions:

(1) Refresh - this will refresh the exchange connection and the account balance

(2) View - this will show statistics on account growth/decline and list coins held

(3) Edit - this allows you to rename the connection, copy and paste new API key and Secret without having to create a new API connection within 3Commas and also to view any error messages with the connection

(4) Delete - Remove the exchange connection, remember to delete the API key on the exchanges web-page as well!

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