Binance Futures: how to connect to 3Commas using Fast Connect
Connect Binance Futures to 3Commas.
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Binance API keys are only valid for 90 days.

This means that after this time, you will have to update your API keys to continue using 3Commas in conjunction with your Binance account.

For accounts that have not completed intermediate verification, any existing API keys were deactivated on 2021-08-23 00:00 AM (UTC), and trading via API connection is restricted.

Now you can connect and/or update the Binance Futures connection using the Fast Connect feature.

Here is how you connect a Binance account with Fast Connect:

1. Go to the My Portfolio page and click on the Connect a new account button

If this is your first exchange to be connected, please click on the Connect account button:

2. Click on Exchanges and choose Binance

3. Click on the Connect Binance button

Make sure Fast Connect tab is open:

4. Choose any of the Binance Futures exchange types and click Add

5. Complete the log-in process and you are done!

You can log into your Binance account beforehand, in this case the exchange will be connected right after you click on the Add button:

NOTE! You can connect only Binance's Main account with the Fast Connect feature. You can connect sub-accounts only using the usual API keys connection.

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