How to win

The higher trading volume you have - the more chances to win you get.

Ten users to have the highest score in 7 days win. Score count ends November 8th at 12:00 (UTC). Earn points by increasing the volume of trade via your Binance trader account on any coin pair. $100 of trade volume gives you 1 point. For calculations, we use the current average USD rate.  

Example of how to earn 1 point

You need to complete 5 buy and 5 sell trades for $10 each.

You can check your score and position on the contest page.

Prizes go as follows:

1st place -- 2500$
2nd place -- 1500$
3rd place -- 1000$
4th - 10th places -- 100$

The money will be deposited to any exchange wallet of the winner’s choice in USDT. We will contact the winners to clear the details of the transfer by e-mail, stated during registration.

How to join the Contest

  1. Create an account on 3Commas

  2. Activate Binance trader subscription plan (it's free)

  3. Confirm participation by pressing "Go" button on the contest page

About Binance trader subscription plan

After signing up, activating the plan and confirmation you immediately become a participant of the Contest. Since this moment, all your trading volume and complete trades from Binance trader account will add up to the final score.

Good luck!

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