Here is an example of the "Add Funds" feature for a live Smart Trade.

This example shows funds being added to a Futures trade running with x100 leverage.

Two additional DCA levels are created to add $50 to the open position on the exchange at the lower price levels of $10625 and $10525.

As we are running a trade with x100 leverage, the funds added to the deal need to include the leverage specified. The $50 added to the position size is actually $0.50 each, as $0.50 * x100 = $50.

If you are adding funds to a "Spot" trade (that is a trade running on an exchange account that does not use leverage or Futures trading), then you can type the exact amount of funds you wish to add to the trade, there is no need to multiply the funds manually by the leverage used, as you aren't using any!

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