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Plan it once, don't watch prices 24\7

You set trade to buy, but also plan when to sell:

  • Set targets beforehand, don't miss profits if the buy order fills when you're away. 

  • Plan a buy after a drop, add a target for a bounce, and manage risks with a stop loss if the price drops further.

Sell conditions become active immediately after the buy happens.

Select exchange account and pair

Switch to buy

Select order type

  • Market to buy immediately at current prices.

  • Limit to buy after price drops.

  • Conditional to buy after price rises.

Set trade size

  • Units are the number of coins you want to buy.

  • Total is the required currency to buy coins.

Use quick buttons to set trade size relative to available funds.

Plan when to sell with profit

Enable Take Profit

Cond. Market and Trigger Price

Cond. Market Take Profit sells coins at the market rate when the price reaches the trigger price. 

Limit and Order price

Limit Take Profit places a limit order to exchange at the order price after buy happens. 

You can set both trigger and order prices relative to buy price with the percentage field.

Limit or Market Take Profit

We recommend you to use limit orders:

  • You don't miss targets if the price reaches it only on a candle's wick.

  • Limit orders sell without slippage.

Use market orders when you can't avoid it as with Trailing Take Profit.

Plan when to claim loss

Enable Stop Loss

Cond. Market and Trigger Price

Cond. Market Stop Loss sells coins at the market rate when the price reaches the trigger price.

Cond. Limit and two prices

Cond. Limit Stop Loss waits for the trigger price, then places a limit order to exchange at the order price. 

Limit or Market Stop Loss

There's no rule of thumb, and you should find a balance between these two problems:

  • The market order always fills but incurs a slippage. You can sell much lower than expected on some occasions. 

  • The limit order doesn't slip but might not fill at all when the price drops too fast. Coins remain unsold, and you should either sell lower or wait until the price rebounds.

A Limit Stop Loss with the order price lower than the trigger price often works as a Market Stop Loss, but you can limit the lowest acceptable price:

  • Never set the order price higher than the trigger price. They should be at least equal.

  • Set the order price a bit lower than the trigger price. The further you set the order price from the trigger price, the more chances for the order to fill.

  • The order price is the lowest point where you're ready to sell. It helps to decide when it's better not to sell at all than sell lower. 

Try yourself

Use paper trading

The paper trading is an ideal opportunity to try Smart Trade.

Plan when to buy & sell BTC

Select USDT_BTC pair.

Switch to buy and limit order.

Change limit price to be $100 lower than the current rate, and set the trade size to 10% of available USDT.

Enable Take Profit and set it to 5%

Enable Stop Loss and set it to -2%.

Click "Create Trade" and confirm.

Check the trade status on active trades:

  • The current price is 8023.

  • Trade waits for 7900 to buy.

  • Stop Loss will be at 7742.

  • Take Profit will be at 8295.

  • Both Stop Loss and Take Profit are inactive until buy happens.

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