Go to Smart Trade v2

Select exchange and pair

  1. Switch exchange account to the one where you want to trade. It also shows the approximate value of all coins on the account. 
  2. Select the market. You see the available currency near the name. 
  3. Trading pair shows all pairs available for the market and available coins.

Buy and sell switch

  • Use the buy when you want to buy coins with the currency. On USDT_BTC, you buy BTC using USDT.
  • Use the sell when you need to sell coins to the currency. On USDT_BTC, you sell BTC to USDT.

Select limit or market order

Market orders to buy or sell right now

They execute instantly at the current price, but might incur a slippage:

  • Sell lower on fast drops.
  • Buy higher on fast rises.

Don't use large market orders on low-volume pairs as it leads to a significant slippage.

Limit orders to wait for the price

They go directly to the exchange order book, use it:

  • To buy when the price drops to a certain level.
  • To sell when the price rises to a certain level.

Limit orders can execute immediately at market rates:

  • If you place a limit buy order higher than the current price.
  • If you place a limit sell order lower than the current price.

You should use conditional orders to buy after a rise or sell after a drop.

Disable both take profit and stop loss

Trades with TP or SL work differently, and you're going to see it shortly.

Place the order with the buy or sell button

It goes to the exchange after you confirm.

Try yourself

Use paper trading

You shouldn't risk money to take the first step. The paper trading is an ideal opportunity to try Smart Trade.

You can switch modes on the top panel.

Click to open a paper trading account if you don't have it: 

Buy ETH instantly with USDT

Choose the USDT market and USDT_ETH pair.

Switch to buy and market order.

Set the trade size to 10% of available USDT.

Disable both take profit and stop loss

Click "Buy ETH" and confirm.

Sell ETH to BTC when price rises

Choose the BTC market and BTC_ETH pair.

Switch to sell and limit order.

You place the order at the price you want to sell your coins.
Set "Limit Price" to anything higher than the current price. 

You can move the order line on the chart to adjust the price.

Use all available ETH.

Disable both take profit and stop loss.

Click "Sell ETH" and confirm. 

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