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You improve skills with every bot you make and run. Compare bots to learn even more tricks. A small difference in settings can matter.

Exclude the market  

It's easier to compare bots you run together. You can compare bots you run at different times, but you must consider the market situation. One bot produces profits now, but it leads to losses then.

Your goal is to learn, not to fear the loss

Try to find how to profit even when the market is red.
Paper trading helps with fear as it involves no real funds.

Expand statistic

Hover to see details

It tracks only closed deals up to a month:

  • Track overall profit or loss with daily summary profit. The next day includes all previous days.

  • Check daily results with profit by day.

  • Understand what coin does the best or worst with profit by pair.

Bots you select affect data on charts

Charts include chosen bots from the active tab.

Click the bot to see its stats

You can check stats bot by bot.

 Hide what you don't need

Daily summary profit and profit by days works the same as on "My Bots."

Sell Triggers

Understand why you have the profit or loss:

  • Deals close normally.

  • Deals you close at the market rate.

  • Deals close by stop loss.

"Stats" is handy to compare bots

Compare bots

Some questions to ask:

  • Which bot did complete more deals? More is better.

  • Which one has higher completed deals profit?  Aim for higher.

  • Is the gain on completed deals is higher than active deals reserve? The best when the profit is higher than the current loss.

  • Was the bot stuck for long? Faster deals are better.

  • Did stop losses neglect all profits? That's one if you use stop loss.

Two bots worked for nearly a week

They are copies, but one has ten safety orders, and the other has no safeties at all. 


TV 10 Safeties:

TV No Safeties:

The first bot closed ten more deals and has much more profits!
TV 10 Safeties can cover the current loss with completed profit: we can take the loss but remain more than $2 profit. We get almost $1 loss if we do the same for bot without safeties.

Daily summary profit

TV 10 Safeties:

TV No Safeties:

The summary is useful to see when the profit or loss happens. When the bot is stuck or doesn't open deals, you see a flat line on the chart. TV No Safeties held a loss longer.

Profit by day

TV 10 Safeties:

TV No Safeties:

TV No Safeties stuck with the same deal longer. You see the three days pause, and no deals closed after 12th. TV 10 Safeties stuck for two days, but it closed deals after 12th.

TV 10 Safeties wins!

It surely performed better:

  • Higher gains

  • More deals

  • Overall profit is higher than the current loss

But you can't ignore the fact it requires much more funds. TV No Safeties uses only $100 while TV 10 Safeties needs up to $1100. Sometimes required funds neglect the bot ability to make profits.

Improve your bots

Create, run, compare. Alter settings, run then compare again. There's no end. There should be no end. Do it always, and you become a master of bots!

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