Monitor deals your bots make

View active deals.

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It's hidden until you make the first deal

Open "My Deals"

It's under "DCA Bot" on the left menu.


Expand it with the button on the right corner:

Here you can filter by exchange account and the bot name.

Overall stats & Deals history

Note the "Deals history," it leads to the page where you can see completed, canceled, and failed deals.

"Active deals reserve" is current total profit or loss:

  • When the most deals are in red, it's a total loss.

  • When the most deals are in green, it's a total profit.

Completed deals profit

It breaks down gains main currencies you see on the right part of the pair like USDT and BTC.  This profit includes finished deals only.


Here you see the available and reserved balance on main currencies.
Reserved only tracks usage by active bot deals.

Before checking active deals

  1. You can sort them by clicking the column name or sort icon.

  2. Select how many deals to see per page.

  3. Switch pages.


  1. Current price. The percentage is relative to the second price.

  2. Average deal entry price.

  3. Required price to close the deal with set profit.

The bar can be red or green:

  • Green means the deal is in a profit

  • Red means it is in a loss

This deal has a loss as the current price is 0.05% below than the average entry price.


It represents the total deal size in both pair's coins.
This deal has bought 0.00974200 BTC using 100.10426460 USDT.


It's not just a text. Click it to see a helpful full-size chart shows all deal's orders!

But there is more!

Now you know how to track deals! Who has said about managing them?
You don't need to manage deals yet. Don't you agree? See below then.

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