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Do repeated trades with a Single-pair bot
Do repeated trades with a Single-pair bot

Set a bot to buy and sell coins constantly.

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Use paper trading

Paper trading is the best way to experience and practice bots before you start using real funds.

You can toggle between your Paper Trading account and Real account on the top panel.

Click Activate to open your paper trading account if it is not enabled: 

Go to "DCA Bot"

You're going to manage bots using this tab. 

Click " + Create bot"

Too many settings!

We'll start with less than five of them!
No need to learn everything right away, so don't worry if it looks scary.


It's crucial to use unique names for your bots so change the default name to something else.

Start with USDT_BTC pair

It may be under recommended pairs:

The list contains all pairs so start typing to filter the list:

Set base and safety orders size to 100 USDT

It fixes the validation errors you probably see.
Bots use the base order size as the initial trade size. This bot will open deals of 100 USDT.
The safety order is, well, scroll down.

Disable safety trades

Set "Max safety trades count" to 0. It's a feature for your second bot.

Set take profit to 0.1%

A small target means faster deals, and faster deals mean more trades.
You understand the bot better with every deal it makes.

Open new trade asap

Set the deal start condition to "Open new trade asap." ASAP means the bot starts the next deal immediately after it closes the current one. And the first deal comes up just after you enable the bot.

It's the most straightforward start condition, but it performs trades one after the other without a pause. It produces more deals.

Click "Create Bot"

You made it! 

Now start it to open the first deal.

If you already clicked "Close," use the start button on the bot information.

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