Can I change my subscription?
Learn how to upgrade or modify your subscription plan
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You can:

  • Upgrade your plan level

  • Upgrade your plan length

You won't lose any remaining time when you upgrade

All remaining time on your current active subscription will be converted to a partial credit towards the new payment.

Our system treats the upgrade in two steps:

  1. The system will see the price you paid for your current plan, it will then divide this by the number of days in the plan length you purchased and then multiply it by the remaining unused days - this sum will be used as a partial credit against the cost of the new plan you have chosen

  2. When you select the new plan level and length, this partial credit from p.1 will be applied. Please note, you cannot upgrade from an annual plan to a monthly plan.

Can I downgrade my plan?

You can only downgrade your plan when your current subscription has expired. If you have recurring payments enabled, please cancel this at the bottom of the Subscription page, click the "🚫" button next to your active subscription plan.

If you have a yearly plan and wish to downgrade, you can request a refund of unused plan time (following our refunds policy) which will terminate your current plan and you can then proceed to purchase any plan level you desire.  

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