You can:

  • Upgrade the tier

  • Upgrade the period.

You can't:

  • Downgrade the tier

  • Downgrade the period.

You don't lose remaining time when you upgrade

All available time on current subscription applies as a discount to the next payment.

But you might lose all the applied discounts

Our system treats the upgrade in two steps:

  1. Refund remaining of your current plan to 3Commas subscription balance;

  2. Calculate the upgrade pride considering the balance.

A refund automatically cancels all applied discounts and recalculates the used period based on the regular monthly price. You can't get a negative balance this way, but you can pay the full amount of your new subscription. 

A simple example considers you've bought a year of starter with 25% off, then used ten months of it. That's a payment of 261 USD or EUR. Now you want to upgrade to an advanced subscription:

  • Our system takes the monthly price of 29 USD or EUR.

  • It also takes the used time of ten months.

  • To cover ten months, it subtracts 29 × 10 = 290, which is already bigger than 261.

  • You should pay the full price of the advanced subscription.

This difference doesn't affect upgrades on a monthly subscription you took without a discount, and it's negligible if your subscription expires soon enough. 


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