This message might occur while connecting an exchange account:

This account already used by another user (******)

Like here:

Don't use multiple unpaid 3Commas accounts

You can't add the same exchange account to multiple free accounts on 3Commas. 

Different API keys from the same exchange account don't fix this. 3Commas can check if two APIs belong to the same account on the exchange.

Sharing API keys

Sharing API keys with a friend to let him trade on your behalf is another possible reason. If someone adds API to their 3Commas account, you can't add it to yours.

Ways to fix

Contact our support

Sometimes things go wrong:

  • Did you create two accounts accidentally? 

  • Wrong email?

  • Had no chance to use the free trial?

Tell us what happened, we'll fix things for you. 

Pay once

Our system doesn't check this after you paid at least once. If you want to use the same exchange account on multiple 3Commas accounts, that's the only choice.

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