1. Does 3Commas support the exchange?


You are trying to connect an exchange that is not supported by 3Commas, but its name looks very similar to the one that is supported. For example: 3Commas supports Huobi Global. However, Huobi also has a regional exchange for Russia called "Huobi Russia" which is not supported yet.


Make sure that we support the exchange you are trying to connect and also in the case of Binance and Binance.US, check you have selected the correct variant from the "Exchanges" drop-down box. If you are unsure if 3Commas supports your exchange, please look here.

2. Verify the API key you are copying 


The API key is not fully copied or, conversely, copied with extra characters. 


Please check that you have copied the API key correctly. You can simply copy and paste the API key into any text editor and compare it with the one displayed on the exchange’s web page. 

If you use automatic website translation, disable it when creating the keys. It may affect the correctness of the key displayed.

Some exchanges also use an additional Passphrase (it's an optional function that some exchanges, like Coinbase, use)

You create the passphrase whenever you make a new API. It's not your login password or trading password. It's unique for every API key.
Check articles to find more.

Customer ID (similar to the Passphrase above, some exchanges implement this)

It refers to your account on the exchange.
Check articles to find more.

3. Select permissions: to view and trade/edit orders


Not all permissions have been granted to 3Commas in the API settings of the exchange.


When creating or editing an API key, you usually need to select the permissions to view and trade. 

Log in to your exchange account, then go to API settings. Select permissions “View” and “Trade”, some exchanges do not let you edit an API key once it is created, if this is the case for you, simply create a new API with the correct permissions selected.

If you don't know which permissions to select, choose all except the Withdraw Funds permission. 

4. Problem with IP binding


This feature is known by different names on various exchanges: IP whitelisting, IP restricted acсess, IP binding. It allows you to use the API key only from specific IP addresses.


Disable the IP binding/whitelisting restriction on your APIs created for use with 3Commas. Exchanges cannot support the amount of IP addresses in use by 3Commas.

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