A trade signal is a trigger for the action, either to buy or sell crypto, generated by analysis. You can use this signal as a strategy with trading bots on 3Commas. In the marketplace section, you can find different sellers who offer a monthly subscription to their signals.
The signal seller sends a buy or sell signal to your bot, that will be a deal start condition. Also, some of these signals have signals to close a deal.
We may say that So at the fact, you entrust your funds and profit to other people.

Every signal provider differs on:

  • Exchanges
  • Trading pairs
  • Long or short signals
  • Close signals (Deal will close automaticaly)
  • Pre seted Stop Loss

Buying the subscription attentively look through the signal description. There you can find TP and SL settings recommendations, information about the strategy they use and their contacts.

Also, take a look at the results. Here you will see real profit in % from deals which were run with these signals. If you see «No data» inscription, then we can say that nobody has used this signal for this trading pair.
There are max and min results.
The max one shows the maximal profit a user get using this signal
The min is a result that another one gets using this signal.

Why they’re different:

1. Different users set different TP percent.

2. Some users could get close signals, then bot started to close a deal and orders started to fill the order book. They were executed in turn and the closing price could vary.
3. Some sellers have several signals to start a deal, exactly like targets, and maybe you have created a bot in the moment of 3d or 4th target
If you’ve subscribed on a signal with have a long and short strategy, and you want to use both of them, please create 2 different bots, first for long and the second for short.

How to use choose trading signal on 3Commas.io

First of all, we pay attention on picture and on the title, also we want to see the results, meanwhile, we need to consider a lot of useful information before buying any of them.

Here is Marketplace comparison table

Strategy - you can see that most of the sellers prefer Long strategy, but some signals have both of them. If you buy signals with concurrent strategies for 1 exchange, you should create 2 bots: 1 for Short and 1 for Long.

If you want to know the difference between Long and Short Strategies, please read this article.

Some signals can close the deal automatically. How it works: you receive the first signal to start the deal. And the bot starts working. After some time a signal provider decides that it's time to finish the deal and he sends another signal with a "Close" command. In such cases the signal seller recommends setting TP about 20 or 30%, just to be sure that your take profit would not close a deal before they send "Close" command. 

Preset Stop Loss. There are signals, which contains Stop Loss %, this is recommended setting from the seller. SL will be automatically applied to your trading bot. Even if you pre-installed it in the bot settings, the one that signal provider set will work.

Exchange. Of course, you need to select the exchange on which you have funds. After that choose the composite type of bot (unfortunately not available for Bitmex) and the pair for trading (BTC_ALL; USDT_ALL; PAX_ALL etc) . Look what currency you have on the exchange and then find in this table what signal fits you most. 

It is very easy to create a bot with trading signals.

Choose composite bot, take a look: what exchanges are available and select one. Use pairs which you’ve seen in signal results table: BTC_all, USDT_all, etc. 

Then set long or short strategy, and enter deal volume in crypto. SL and TP may be based on recommendation. Set the number of active deals if needed. Select the signal as a deal start condition. 


We want to notify you that using trading signals you trust managing your funds to the third party service. You results may be differ from stats that you see in the signal profile. It depends on how fast was your order executed in the order book, also on your bots settings. We highly recommend you to follow seller's instructions in the overview and by "How to set up" link.

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