You can create new bot on “My bots” page, for that push on one of "Quick Add a bot" buttons. If you don’t have existing bots on your account, the page will open automatically.

There is almost no difference between the creation of the simple or composite bot. The second one in a bit harder and has more setting options.

After you click on one of these buttons, the page will open with the blocks that are used to set up and control the bot: "Main settings", "Assistant", "Used amount for each step", "Trade start condition" and "Actions". Let’s look closer on each of them.

Main settings

All available settings are described in details here.

For the simple bot it is as follows:

In composite bot a new setting is available and “pair” is changed to “pairs”:


Different information about bot and current setting.

  • Balance shows how many available coins you have on your exchange account.
  • Max amount for bot usage shows how many money the bot can use in case of filling all safety orders.
  • Max safe order price deviation shows how low from the initial trade last safety order will be executed.
  • Percent % show how many % of your deposit size the bot can use.

Used amount for each step

Displays how many funds will the bot use in one deal corresponding to the number of filled safety orders. Click on the "Table" button brings up detailed breakdown for each step.

  • - the number of the safety order, the first row shows a base order;
  • % - percent of SO against the base trade;
  • Coin cost - the price of the coin at this step;
  • Average coin cost - average price of 1 coin in the deal if the SO will be executed;
  • Required growth - percent of required price rise to close the deal;
  • Purchased coins - the total amount of coins purchased if the SO will be completed.

Trade start condition

This block allows you to choose condition to open the trade. Check all available ways to start a deal here.

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