Have less than $750

Use 3Commas for free until your total balance across all accounts exceeds $750:

  • Use all 3Commas features on connected exchanges for free.
  • The total includes balances from all exchanges you can trade. It doesn't include off-exchange and Ethereum accounts you use for tracking.
  • Activates automatically within five minutes when your account is eligible.
  • 3Commas updates your total balance once a day at 00:00 UTC.
  • When you surpass the $750 mark, there's a three days delay before you lose free access. You can subscribe or reduce total to continue with Junior.
  • No access to Paper Trading.

Trade on Huobi Global 

3Commas is free to use on Huobi Global:

  • Use all 3Commas features on Huobi without an active subscription.
  • Use features on Huobi Global not available with your subscription. If you have starter subscription, it doesn't provide access to bots, but you still can use bots on Huobi Global. 
  • Connect as many Huobi Global accounts as you need.
  • Trade with any amount, there's no limit on deposit size for Huobi Global.
  • You don't get free access to other exchanges by adding Huobi Global account.

The total doesn't include funds on Huobi Global

You can get the free subscription when you have any amount on Huobi Global and less than $750 on other exchanges. 

You don't lose active trades when free access ends

Junior subscription ends, but you don't want to subscribe? That's not a problem: all trades will remain active. You won't be able to create new trades without an active subscription, but you don't lose anything.

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