The composite bot looks very likely to a simple one, but it has one big difference. It allows managing multiple pairs in the one bot, not only one pair per bot.

You can create a composite bot on the pages "Bots" and "My Bots" using the "Quick Add Bot" section.

Split funds between deals automatically - the main difference

Imagine that you have 1 BTC, and want to trade 20 different coins allowing 0.1 BTC at maximum per one coin. You need to have 20 * 0.1 = 2 BTC to operate all these coins without a problem. The composite bot allows to achieve it with 1 BTC or even less, and let's see how.

The composite bot has an additional setting which limits the number of active deals at the same moment. It can have 20 pairs but be trading only five simultaneously. It is one of the core differences from a simple bot. In the same situation, when you want to trade 20 pairs with 1 BTC and 0.1 BTC at maximum per deal, you still can create 20 simple bots. But all of them could start at the same moment so that you will end with insufficient funds errors as all these bots require 2 BTC to operate simultaneously.

Neither simple nor composite bot do not communicate and not consider funds that other bots may make use of in the future. That leaves the composite bot as the only way to trade more pairs that you have funds for.

It chooses the first or the better pair to open a new deal

How the bot picks a pair for its next deal is one of the questions about composite bots. It has different approaches to different trade start signals.

  • Trading View default signals. It opens a deal for the first pair that gets the required signal. If multiple pairs have the same signals, it choices a pair using number representation of the signal. All Trading View signals are float numbers from -1.0 to 1. So that a strong buy may mean 0.75, and a strong sell may mean -0.8. For the long algorithm, the bot selects higher numbers and for the short algorithm the lowest.
  • QFL signals. It selects the first pair that gets the signal. When multiple pairs have a start signal, it choices the pair which dropped more below the base. But these situations very rare with QFL signals.
  • CartelSIGBIN signals, Trading View custom, API signals. It selects the first pair that gets the signal. There is no way to get two signals at the same time.

First Composite Bot

Do a click on the "+ Composite bot" or "+ Composite short bot," the configuration page opens.

It looks almost the same way as for the simple bot, with the pair field becomes a multiple select, and the new setting "Max active deals." The way yo configure it, use the assistance, the way deals looks are the same as for the simple bot too. Please read the article to find more.

Short vs. Long in composite bots

There is one difference which may be not so obvious.

  • The long composite bot allows mixing pairs with the same left part, like ETH_ADA, ETH_XRP, ETH_LTC.
  • The short composite bot allows mixing pairs with the same right part, like BTC_ADA, ETH_ADA, USDT_ADA.
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