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If you're new to 3Commas, welcome, and thank you for your interest in our platform!🤩

Anyone can create a free 3Commas account with just your email address. By signing up to 3Commas, you can have a trial PRO subscription to try out our platform.

If you'll manually stop this trial, you'll be able to determine which of our plans (even FREE) is right for you! Otherwise, the PRO subscription will automatically be purchased!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all 3Commas features are supported by all exchanges; please have a look at your exchange in the following list: Available Exchanges and Supported Features.

Prices are indicated in Euros, including VAT for EU residents and in US Dollars for all other countries (UPDATE: some local currencies are supported for several countries).

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Here are the features supported on different subscription plans:

¹ - Unlimited Single-pair DCA bots on the Spot market;
1 Multi-pair DCA bot on the Spot market
1 DCA bot on the Futures market (Single or Multi-pair).

² - It is possible to create 1 Smart Bot on Demo (Paper Trading) account.

³ - Futures trading is only available in Terminal.

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3Commas API Access

Let your imagination run wild and tie your own apps to 3Commas that can extend the platform's capabilities. The same restrictions that apply to rate plans will also apply to apps connected through the API. For example, you cannot create several bots with the Starter subscription plan.

Still, have questions about subscriptions and plans?

You can visit our FAQ section if you like. You will find the answers to all of the frequently asked questions in no time!

Subscription Duration:

Free subscriptions are unlimited!

You can subscribe to Starter, Advanced, and Pro plans for one month or one year.

Subscriptions are set to auto-renew if paid by PayPal or credit/debit card. This auto-renewal can be disabled at any time under the Subscription history section on the Subscription page in your 3Commas personal account.

If the subscription is paid in cryptocurrency, this payment will not be automatically renewed.

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