If you are new to 3Commas, then welcome and thank you for investigating our platform!

Anyone can sign up for a free account at 3Commas, using just your email address, and the moment you link your first exchange API key to 3Commas, you’ll activate a FREE 3 day trial subscription with all the features enabled for you to explore and try. Once your trial plan expires, you can check the different subscription plan types here to help you decide which plan is right for you!

Important Note: Not all 3Commas features are supported for every exchange, please make sure you check your exchange on this list: Available features and exchanges.

Pricing and Details:

Pricing is displayed in Euros including VAT for EU residents, and US Dollars for the rest of the world.

Starter Plan


  • Manual trading with Smart Trade, including futures and margin exchanges!
  • Paper trading with Smart Trade
  • Unlimited amount of connected exchange API accounts
  • Unlimited amount of active trades
  • Portfolio feature
  • No bots are included

Buy now

29 per month

261 per year*

* All new users will receive an introductory discount on annual plans reducing the cost to 174

Advanced Plan


  • Everything on Starter
  • Algorithmic trading with DCA simple bots
  • Unlimited amount of simple bots
  • Unlimited amount of active bot deals
  • Paper trading with Smart Trade and simple bots
  • No future or leverage trading bots (for example Binance Futures, Bybit or BitMEX)
  • No Gordon bots, GRID bots or Options Bot

Buy now

49 per month

441 per year*

* All new users will receive an introductory discount on annual plans reducing the cost to 294

Pro Plan


  • Everything on Advanced
  • Algorithmic trading with DCA composite bots
  • Composite DCA Bots
  • Gordon Bots
  • GRID Bots
  • Options Bots
  • Bots can be used on Margin and Futures exchanges, such as Binance Margin, Binance Futures, BitMEX, FTX and Bybit

Buy now

99 per month

891 per year*

* All new users will receive an introductory discount on annual plans reducing the cost to 594

Need more information?

3Commas is available in 3 different Subscription Plan levels - here is a brief overview of each plan type:

  • The Starter subscription is the perfect choice for manual traders. If you don't currently plan to trade with algorithmic bots, this is the best choice for you!. Starter plan supports the powerful Smart Trading Terminal which allows you to set Stop Loss and multiple Take Profit “Target” Steps as well as offering the optional Trailing Take Profit or Stop Loss features and more tools to power-up the amount of profits you can earn from your manual trading, either on Spot exchanges or Futures exchange supported by the 3Commas platform!
  • The Pro subscription adds Composite bots, Gordon bots, GRID bots, and Options bots. Pro also enables bots to be used on margin and futures exchanges like Binance Futures, BitMEX, FTX and Bybit. It's our top plan with access to every feature we offer.

Plan Lengths:

Plans can be bought in monthly or yearly lengths.

Yearly plans are paid upfront and automatically receive a 25% discount compared to the cost of 12 single month plan purchases. Monthly plans are set to automatically renew and if payment is made with Paypal or a Credit/Debit card. This automatic plan renewal may be disabled from the “Subscription” page when logged into 3Commas at any time.

If a monthly plan is paid with Cryptocurrency, this payment will not automatically renew.

Features Available on all Subscription Plans:


  • Browser
  • Mobile Apps
  • Email
  • Telegram


  • View
  • Create
  • Copy & Edit
  • Apply to exchange (Huobi Global, Binance.com, Bittrex and Poloniex)
  • Auto reallocate

Referral program

  • Accessible without an active 3Commas subscription
  • Get a percentage of each cryptocurrency payment your referrals make
  • Use income to pay for subscriptions
  • Withdraw your referral income in USDT

3Commas Developer API Access

Unleash your imagination and link your own custom applications that can extend the capabilities of the 3Commas platform. The same limitations that apply to the subscription plans will also apply to apps connected via the API, for example, no bots can be created on a Starter plan subscription.

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